How Do You Sum Up a Life?

Submitted by Linda’s friend, Deb del Villar

How do you sum up a life? This is what has consumed my thoughts over these past days. I wrestled with how to answer that question as the death of a dear friend went from imminent to reality. How do you encapsulate a twenty plus year friendship in a testimonial? Memory after memory keep flooding my mind, each one precious and separate yet joined in so many ways.

I remember our car trips where we ate only at indigenous places; a habit that I have begun as well. There were the times we entered a county that Linda had not been in before and she made sure it got marked off her map.

Linda’s storytelling and writing brought such joy. She enjoyed passing on her knowledge and experience with ‘would-be’ writers. This was evidenced as Linda judged the Awana Summit writing competition for many years. Her passion for reading and writing helped so many – including me.

Linda also loved working with children and teens. Her passion was to see them brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Whether through the written or spoken word, Linda related well to the young people, driving home the desired lesson truth. That is the reason Linda started this blog,“ Grounded for Life”. After retiring from decades of Christian service as a writer and curriculum developer, Linda desired to keep helping adult leaders and parents share the truths of God’s word in ways kids could understand.

Far and above all the things I remember is the ease in which Linda mentored other women. We so benefited from her life experience and biblical knowledge and wisdom. I remember well our numerous conversations where I soaked up Linda’s wisdom so guided by TRUTH while tempered with grace. A perfect combination that is hard to grasp and model well – a continual lesson I am trying to master. She seemed to know how to walk alongside you, teaching and guiding you to greater potential and wonderful possibilities.  I will be eternally grateful.

Linda Massey Weddle  February 25, 1948-November 19, 2020

See you later!

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