Update on Me

Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels.com

I haven’t said too much about my cancer because I haven’t been real sure what to say.

The truth is – I’m not doing well. We get one issue taken care of and another more serious issue pops up.

I have the energy of a snail crawling through molasses which isn’t particularly energetic. I sit every time I walk across a room.

No parties in my future, but if you want to call and chat – that would be enjoyable or if you bring me a chicken pot pie from Cracker Barrel, I’m up for that too – at least I’ll eat some of it.

So thank you for all your prayers. I appreciate them more than I can express. My goal is to take one day at a time, resting in God’s hands and knowing the Holy Spirit is within me.

Again, thanks for your concern.



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