Counterfeit Shares

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We always made our Awana club as exciting and as motivating as we could for the kids. Like many clubs, one of the ways we did this was by giving out shares (coupons) for kids who brought their Bibles, brought friends and said their verses. Then about every couple months, kids would turn in their shares at the share store and be able to buy prizes, etc. We had some kids who didn’t do much in that club, so motivation was important.

On one particular share store night, kids were collecting their crumpled-up shares from inside their pockets, books, and safe-keeping envelopes, excited to see what they could purchase.

Then three older boys walked in, boys who usually had no shares to spend – but tonight they each had a pile of neatly stacked shares. The shares were brand new and the different denominations were on different colored paper – just like we did at club. Yet, they assured us they had earned every single one of them. The leaders did not believe them. No kid earned THAT many shares and no kid’s shares were in neat stacks.

The leaders discovered that the boys had bought several reams of paper (to match the colors we used) and then made copies at the local grocery story – making counterfeit shares and taking a lot more time and effort than if they had just learned a couple verses or brought some friends to club. Their shares looked good, but they were covering up lying, cheating, and stealing.

Sin covers up a lot. Sin is a facade for things that are disgusting, messy, and evil.

Just like the boys covered up for their wrong doing, so does the devil “cover up his wiles.” (Wiles are tricks that Satan uses to manipulate us just as the boys tried to manipulate their leaders.)

Let’s be careful we aren’t tricking people with our wiles.

Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11)

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