Punishment or Correction

Just some thoughts about punishment and correction.

Punishment is given for immoral behavior: lying, stealing, disobeying.

Then what’s correction?

One of a parent’s chief jobs is to correct his child’s mistake. While immoral issues may be involved, correction is primarily the approach needed to compensate for mistakes. Correction means to help the child adjust to a situation and do it the right way.

A three-year-old who is learning her ABCs may make numerous mistakes. Punishment is not needed in such a situation, but correction is. The parent may have to correct a hundred or even a thousand times in some cases until the child “gets it.”

You know about these kinds of situations – you may have to correct an older child on how to load the dishwasher or distinguish between a weed and a flower (before she pulls up all the dahlias in the garden). You many have to correct your child 143 times before he says his verse correctly. This is what parents are for.

As a pilot corrects his course, so correction means to bring the child to the right position in any given situation. Correction involves balancing a child’s life, causing him to turn to the right answers or action Correction is counteracting the child’s erroneous thought word or deed to that which is acceptable. That’s what parents are for.

Many parents punish when they should be correcting. Part of the requirement of parenthood is patience and patience is a necessary part of setting the child on the right course.

We need to ask for wisdom that we are correcting instead of punishing.

Correct your son, and he will give you rest;
Yes, he will give delight to your soul. (Proverbs 29:17)

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