I Can See!

woman wearing white dress reading book
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Thanks to Deb del Villar for writing today’s post.


When the first pair of glasses was placed on my face, I could not believe what I saw. At the young age of five, I did not realize there was anything wrong. I thought the way I saw was normal and that’s the way everyone viewed the world.

I found out quickly that I had been missing a lot – like trees had leaves and leaves had veins. Flowers were not big fuzzy balls but were made up of beautiful, intricate petals. And no two flowers were the same.  I discovered the world around me over the next days and weeks. I could hardly believe my eyes. I wanted to touch everything. I found it so amazing and wonderful that I often was at the point of glee and giddiness after seeing each new thing.

But not everything went smoothly. I stumbled and fell a lot while I got used to the new sights. Even the ground was a new experience. I often thought it was moving, confusing me as I figured out where to put my feet, but I soon was navigating successfully.

Over the next months and then years, adjustments were continually made so I could see better and with more clarity. Each time the new glasses would require me to adapt again.

This reminds me of when I realized that I was blind to the things of God.

My sister invited me to go with her to a youth crusade at a friend’s church. While there, I heard about Jesus, God’s Son  along with the amazing grace He offered. I had a very strong conscience with an accompanying sense of right and wrong so obeying rules came ‘easy.’ Now, I heard, saw, and understood for the first time, my need and desire for salvation. I embraced it quickly and suddenly it was as if a dark cloud of guilt was lifted and removed from me. I felt lighter and life seemed brighter. I could see what I had been missing! Joy replaced doom and a sense of failure. I clearly remember singing out loudly “Pass It On” – the first song I sung after becoming a believer.

I began reading the Bible as I hungered and thirsted after righteousness. Did I stumble and fall at times? YES! Do I need to make adjustments in my life? YES! Do I need to go continually to the Great Physician for better insight? YES! The Scriptures and life in Christ continues to become clearer and sharper as I depend upon and have faith in Him. All of this is possible through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit – my guide illuminating the scriptures and my path.

Maybe there are young people within your sphere of influence who do not realize they are spiritually blind. Have you invited them to events are your church? Do they know you are a believer and how you came to be one? What can you do during these challenging days to share your love for Christ and dependence upon Him? Today may be the day of salvation for one of those precious souls. [ 2 Corinthians 6:2] Do not delay!



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