Obedience Gone Wild

woman in black outfit sitting on red car
Photo by Ichad Windhiagiri on Pexels.com

I often tell the children I teach that Ephesians 6:1 is a verse written just for them, God wants us to obey our parents.

The Greek word for “obey” means “to listen under,” or to “actively and attentively listen.”

And of course, we tell kids that obeying is not just doing what our parents tell us to do, but to do so with a good attitude.

Friends of ours lived in a sub-division that was centered around a glorified lake – a good-sized retention pond. The one road through the area curved around the lake.

One evening our friends were sitting on the front porch enjoying the cool breeze when they saw a car pull onto the road. They watched as the driver manipulated the curves – until she got to one sharp bend where instead of turning she unbelievably went straight and landed with a splash in the pond.

The wife immediately called 911 while her husband went to the lake to see what he could do to help. The car had landed some distance out, but had landed right side up. A teen crawled out of the driver’s seat and immediately scrambled to the roof of the car where she settled in to wait.

The husband called out instructions – assuring the girl that the lake wasn’t that deep. She might even be able to walk to shore or if she could swim getting to shore would be even easier. Even though he could see she wasn’t in immediate danger, he didn’t want the car to start sinking in the unstable lake bottom.

But the girl simply sat complacently on top of the car.

Soon sirens could be heard and paramedics and the fire department roared into the sub-division. Quickly the girl was rescued and brought to the bank of the pond.

“Why didn’t you swim to shore or at least walk? The water isn’t deep,” one of the paramedics asked,

“Oh,” she said. “This is the first time I’ve driven the car by myself and the last thing Mom said to me before I left the house was, “Never leave the scene of an accident. I knew if I did, she’d be really angry.”

“So I didn’t.”

The girl was fine and we all smiled at her explanation. We also figured her mother would’ve much rather had her get to shore than sit on top of a car in the middle of the lake … a car that might have lost its stability and sunk into the muddy lake bottom.

But she obeyed just as her mom told her to do.

Teaching kids to be obedient can be hard work. Kids (like any of us) like to do things their own way.

Here are some reasons obedience is so important.

1. God tells kids they are to obey their parents. (That’s reason enough.)

2. Obedient kids learn the right way to do things

3. Obedient kids make for a happier, more peaceful home.

4. Obedient kids are often safer (like when they listen to Dad or Mom tell them not to run into the street or play with matches).

5. Obedience is a way to show love to parents.

I’m sure the girl on her car had an in-depth talk with her mom. (That would’ve been fun to hear.) But in another way, you’ve got to admire her obedience. She did what her mom told her and didn’t leave the scene of the accident.

And you gotta give her credit for that.

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