The Dead Sea and an Alphabet Book


We were on the tour bus, traveling through Israel and on this particular day, we were in the area of the Dead Sea. Our tour guide suddenly took a turn off the main road and drove our bus up into a little side trail through a grove of trees.

“See those animals over there,” he asked. “Does anyone know what they are?”

None of the 60 people on the bus had an answer until I called, “An ibex.”

Everyone looked at me, including my husband. “How did you know that?” he asked.

“Preschool,” I told him. “I is for ibex.”

At that time I was co-directing our church preschool and there was one alphabet book the kids all liked. In between “a is for apple,” and “k is for kite,” we had “i is for ibex.”  That day in Israel, the knowledge came in handy.

Did you know the Bible talks about the ibex? It is listed in Deuteronomy 14 as one of the animals that could be eaten. Knowing this list of animals is not the most important fact to learn from God’s Word, but how fun to talk about this list with your kids, to look up the animals and discover what they look like, and to learn about their habitat.

And who knows, someday on the way to the Dead Sea, you might just be the one with the answer,

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