I’ve Been Thinking Lots ’bout Thinking

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Photo by kinkate on Pexels.com

So a few years back I was having a casual conversation with someone and he was talking about fun poems (not classic poetry!!!!) and said, “I’ll give you a first line and challenge you to write a poem about it.” Well, I did (always ready to take on a writing challenge) and I found it the other day, so I thought I’d share it. (The poem is written for children.)


I’ve been thinking lots ‘bout thinking

All those thoughts go round and round

Tickling all my thinking brain cells

Till the just-right thought is found.


I think about a silvery sky

Pink flowers, blue trees below.

I think about a purple sun.

And rainbow-colored snow.


I think about a great back yard

With a swing that swings to Boston.

And a ferris wheel that’s up so high

You can see clear south to Austin.


And I think about a kitchen,

With a fridge that’s quite a dream.

It changes all the vegetable

To chocolate nut ice cream.


I think about a shiny car

That drives through sea and air.

Before you leave the driveway,

You are already there.


I think about the painting

Of a zebra in a zoo

Think of all the crazy stripes

In many varied hues.


Some say that all my thinking

Is as silly as can be.

But then I think ‘bout serious things

Like who made bugs and bees.


I think about creation

How God made trees and plants

The hopping, little bunnies

And the always scurrying ants.


And I think about God’s love for me.

He sent His only Son and then …

Christ come to earth for me and you.

It’s more than I can comprehend.


Sometimes I think ‘ bout heaven

Where Christ is waiting for His own

A place of always happiness

Our forever home.


So I’ll just keep on thinking.

Because thinking’s lots of fun.

So I’ll think and think some more

‘Til all my thinkings’ done.

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