Water Works!

sunglasses girl swimming pool swimming
Photo by Juan Salamanca on Pexels.com

The post is up a little late today – our Internet was down since yesterday morning.


Have you ever said something and as soon as the words were out of your mouth, you knew you shouldn’t have said them … and you want to take them back… but you can’t?

Of course. We’ve all done that.

When we lived in Racine, our cross-the-street neighbors had an extra-large, above-ground pool. They had a lot of grandkids and all of them could be swimming in it at the same time with space to spare.

One day, we heard a swish and running to our front window, we saw that the pool had sprung a leak. At first just a little water came pouring out but before long all the water was gushing from the pool. The yard was on a slight slope, so the water ran down the slope and into the street. All the neighborhood kids were instantly outside, splashing in the curb-high water and having a water party. Meanwhile, our neighbors were left staring at a deflated piece of plastic like some leftover inflatable Christmas snowman.

Once that water broke through the pool, our neighbors could do nothing to stop it. Nor could they go out and pick up a “piece of it,” and put it back inside the pool. In fact, we never saw them set up the pool again.

In Proverbs 17:14, we read that saying angry, unforgiving words is like letting out water.

Once we let them go, we can never get them back.

The beginning of strife is like letting out water,
    so quit before the quarrel breaks out.

Illustrate to your kids by asking them to put water BACK into the faucet. Explain that that’s how it is with our words. We shouldn’t even start with the angry words because once we do, we won’t be able to take them back anymore than we can replace water. So let’s not start.


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