Think before You Post

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One of my pet peeves in life is people who post/share untrue stuff on social media … and we all know there’s been a lot of that lately. If the stuff isn’t untrue. it’s regurgitated from 2012 or something. (Just this morning I saw a post that an organization would have a tough time explaining what an employee said – a person who had been dead 20 years.)

What’s really sad is how many Christians buy into this. Sometimes they write things so outlandish that I don’t even think twice about it. I know it didn’t really happen. I’m not saying that I have great powers of discernment, only saying that one or two clicks on a reputable website will give you the answer and tell you if something is true or not true.

I thought about this this week when a Facebook friend shared something that was going around the internet and had already been tagged as untrue. But she was adamant that “we need the truth” and “everyone should read this.” I checked a website, found a reliable source and in this case, sent a link to her. I did not hear back from her. I think she liked her story.

Today I was reading Proverbs 15 and came upon these very relevant verses.

The naive believes everything,
But the sensible man considers his steps.
A wise man is cautious and turns away from evil,
But a fool is arrogant and careless.
A quick-tempered man acts foolishly,
And a man of evil devices is hated.
The naive inherit foolishness, (Proverbs 15:15-17 NASB))

The writer cautions us against being naive and believing everything. (When’s the last time you believed something without checking whether or not it’s true? We’ve all done that.)

The sensible man considers his steps … Steps are taken one at a time and as the Proverbs writer goes on to say … cautiously.

A fool is arrogant and careless and a quick-tempered man acts foolishly (immediately getting upset without even checking it out.

The naive inherit foolishness.

Let’s be careful and teach out kids to be careful about what we say on social media. Let’s be cautious and turn way from untruthfulness.

As Christians more than anyone, we should only speak truth.


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