Kids Sitting in Church with You? Nine Suggestions

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Many churches are beginning to meet again. Some outside, some with reserved seats inside. But many of these same churches are putting off having kids ministry and having families sit together.

For many families, this is not unusual, they often sit together for all or part of the service.

Other families, however, might be facing something totally different. Their kids are used to being entertained, playing games, watching videos, or laughing at funny skits …

What can you do as a parent to encourage your child’s interest in what is happening in church?

1. Talk to your children before the service and give them behavior boundaries Let them know what is and what isn’t acceptable. Also tell them what to expect in the service.

2. Take advantage of busy bags, handouts, etc. that your church provides. These often go along with the messsage.

3. Provide paper and pencils/crayons for your child. As the pastor is speaking, draw pictures about the message to help your child understand what is being said.

4. Start a scrapbook with your children for them to keep their service notes.

5. Equip your child with a children’s Bible and help her look up the verses.

6. Write out a series of questions for your child to answer. What are two songs we sang? What are five words the pastor used in his sermon? What is one verse that was used? Have your child write down the answers.

7. Have your child greet the pastor after the message. This will help your kids be more connected and comfortable in church.

8. Ask questions about the service on the way home … maybe with a small treat if they answer well.

9. Allow them to ask YOU questions on the way home. These could be factual questions, but listen closely for deeper questions.

Don’t treat sitting in “adult” church as a punishment or something to “get through.” Give your kids a sense of doing something grown-up and mature and compliment them on acting accordingly.


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