Pilate Who?

photo of woman and boy leaning on wooden table
Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Kids – especially mid-elementary and up often enjoy science and archaeology. We can use that interest to teach them the truth of God’s Word. (Of course, our belief is based on faith, but there is also physical evidence that what the Bible says is reliable.)

Non-believers like to jump on biblical people and places that haven’t been verified. One of those people who hadn’t been verified was Pontius Pilate. Although there was mention of him in secular, historical writings (such as Josephus), no scrolls were found that recorded his name).

Then in 1961, an Italian archaeologists came across an ancient stone at Caesarea Maritima that reads:

To the Divine Augusti (this) Tiberieum

… Pontius Pilate

… prefect of Judea

… has dedicated (this)

The Pilate

stone is a valuable find. A replica now sits near Caesarea and the original is in the Iraeli Museum.

Scan 1.jpeg

Facts like these are great things to teach our kids.

Ken and I were at Caesarea Maritima when we were in Israel – this is my picture of the stone – it’s not ve

ry good, but is a replica of the original which is at the museum.

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