Right There (Hmmm)

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Photo by Alex Smith on Pexels.com

Duh! I was at the doctor’s yesterday and didn’t realize that this post never got posted! I scheduled it, but alas …

One thing I have learned over this past couple years of multiple doctor’s appointments. When a nurse tells you the doctor will “be right there,” that means something very different than what I think “right there, means.

Very different.

Other variations – “Just give me a second,” “This will only take a couple minutes,” or “Just got to check something and will be right with you.”

I should remember to bring a book, but I always convince myself that this is just an appointment and shouldn’t take that long.

When will I learn?

I used to talk to Kelli (support person), but now support people aren’t allowed.

I used to read the magazines (you know – the ones from 2007) but because of Covid-19, the magazine racks are empty.

I used to read one of the medical brochures – you know, “What to do if your toenail turns purple and green.” But they, too, have disappeared with the virus.

So I snapchat pictures of the doctor’s computers and the examining table and the floor and send them to my grandchildren.

And I wait. “Right there” has now turned into 30 minutes.

I think my most frustrating moment (s) was down at the UOC. All the medical stuff had been done and the doctor sent an assistant down the hall to confirm my next appointment,

“Just has to check the other computer,” she said. “He’ll be right back.” And with that I was left alone in the barren room. Ten minutes …. 20 minutes … 30 minutes … 40 minutes.

A friend was with me that day and I was deserting her in an empty waiting room. I cautiously went to the door and looked up and down the hall. No people medical or otherwise. I quietly walked down the long hallway. Nothing.

Another hallway. Finally I saw three nurses standing around a desk having a conversation about the weather.

I asked for some help and they helped. Finally.

But it all got me thinking.

The Lord never says to us “Be right there.” He already IS here.

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Ok. We know that verse. In fact, I probably put it on the blog at least once every two months, but somehow, though we know it and can probably quote it, we forget it.

Something happens in our life … a wall … a hurdle … a sudden interruption that floors us and we suddenly feel very much alone.

And we call out, “Lord, I thought you were right there! I thought you were listening! I thought I could feel your strength and comfort. But all I have is an empty room without any encouraging words. I feel so alone. Where did YOU go?”

How easily we ignore what we’ve learned.

Look to the right and see:
    there is none who takes notice of me;
no refuge remains to me;
    no one cares for my soul. (Psalm 142:4)


God is with us just as Joshua 1:9 promises. Yes, we may feel abandoned, but we know that He is there.

1. Read our Bibles and seek out His promises.

2. Then trust what He says,

3. Talk to Him and tell Him how we feel.

4. Get involved with a community of Christian friends that can support us.

Our kids are listening to us. When we cry, “God is not even here. I feel like He’s deserted me,” they hear that.

We need to teach our kids that the Lord is ALWAYS there for us even during the tougher-than – tough times.

(And we also need to reassure them that the doctor will eventually be “right there.”)


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