Grapefruit and Eggs and Eggs and Grapefruit and Grapefruit …

slice grapefruit
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I mentioned that I was going through my old journals during quarantine and getting rid of some of the repetitive ridiculousness.

But some experiences are too crazy not to save … like the time I fell victim to the trendy grapefruit and egg diet. Supposedly if you lived on grapefruit and eggs (and an occasional other delicacy) you would lose a miraculous amount of weight in just two weeks.. Lots of my friends were doing it and what high school girl doesn’t want to lose a miraculous amount of weight in two weeks?

Count me in.

Bless my mom’s heart. She had us eating grapefruit for breakfast sometimes anyhow, so she dutifully bought an extra amount of grapefruit and an extra amount of eggs.

Breakfast: Grapefruit and eggs

Lunch: Grapefruit and eggs and tomato and spinach

Dinner: Grapefruit and eggs and meat

I started with a lot of enthusiasm. As the end of two weeks I was going to a football game with my friends and that was my goal: “Hot dog, hot dog, hot dog.”

By day five I was sort of over it … but I kept going.

On day six they served homemade caramel apples in Awana and I took mine home to my brother.

By the second week I never EVER wanted to see another grapefruit.

But I was losing weight, so I kept at it. (The kind of weight you lose and then gain it all back again in one meal … or one hot dog.)

As I was thinking back to my uncomfortable experience being on the trendy eggs and grapefruit diet, I thought about trends in the Christian world and how quick we are to “buy” in. Not all trend-components are wrong. I still eat eggs and grapefruit, just not in place of every other food at every meal.

One area of trends in the Christian world is that of music. Again, music is good but when the latest artist becomes more popular than the song, when the latest band is more popular because of the band member’s looks than it is for the lyrics, then we have a problem.

Or doctrine … or lack of doctrine. “All you need is love. Don’t talk about any other area of the Bible, you might offend someone. Besides there are so many different interpretations – you might as well not mention your beliefs.” So the trend – no doctrine.

Oh, and the books and movies. A book or movie shows up and suddenly it is more important than God’s Word. People ask, “Have you read The Prayer of Jabez, The Shack, Heaven is For Real, etc?” The current trendy books are written by women who are into self-love, “doesn’t matter what people you’ve hurt. Do what you want. Leave your husband and kids if that makes you happy. God created each of us differently. He wants you to be unique.”

The problem is trends keep us away from the meat of God’s Words. Just like my over-abundance of eggs and grapefruit kept me away from a balanced diet, so trendy Christianity keeps us away from the deep truths of Scripture.

At the end of two weeks on eggs and grapefruit, I went to the football game and had a hot dog and a coke. The VERY BEST HOT DOG AND COKE I EVER HAD. Truly, I can still taste it. And no, I’m not saying that was the most nourishing food available but it was something somewhat normal after two weeks of abnormal.

Step carefully. Don’t get off on the trendy side-tracks of Christianity (or egg and grapefruit diets)

Stick to the firm solid truths of our Heavenly Father.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! (Psalm 34:8)
How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (Psalm 119:103)

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