What If This Was Forever?

photo of woman teaching his son
Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Thanks to Deb del Villar for another perspective on Covid-19. Something good to share with the kids in your life.

Speaking with our grandchildren about their “stay-at-home” order, I asked them what they missed most. Overwhelmingly, the answer was their friends. Very understandable – our grands extend over the ages 5 to 16. Yet I really miss my friends too. We crave community and fellowship, don’t we?

That got me thinking, What if I moved the conversation from missing their friends during these weeks – to what would it be like to never see their friends again? To be separated forever. Not a temporary separation with the hope of seeing them again but a permanent, never-will-see-them again separation. Formidable thought and wake up call for me.

When I spoke with my oldest grandson later in the day, I presented the question to him. What if this separation from your friends was not temporary but permanent? He understood immediately what I was asking him. He admitted that he counted on his friends being saved. He thought most if not all were. The conversation continued with him sharing that while he had never asked them, he listened to what they talked about and watched what they did. I challenged him to ask for their testimonies, would he not want to know for sure?

After a time of silence, he said “”I would want them to care enough about me to ask me so I guess I should. Then he added this insight, “I guess a few moments of embarrassment is worth a lifetime of not being separated.”

Let’s use this time intentionally to turn conversations to things of the Lord. May you equip your children and those you minister to with the heart and urgency to share their faith. This hard separation away from friends could be forever. If you think this time is hard, just wait for what is to come. This is nothing! We would not want one friend to be left behind.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” Romans 1:16

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