A Dozen Bible Riddles for April 1st

grayscale photo of toddler with braided hair
Photo by Daniel Edeke on Pexels.com

So I’ve been around the Bible and kids all my life so it’s natural that I would know some Bible riddles. I thought these might be fun for you to try out on your kids for April Fool’s Day. But I posted them for another reason too. I am seeing a lot of Children’s Ministry leaders on Facebook wanting ideas on how to connect to the kids during this time of quarantine. Many are sending cards and some are running out of things to say – so here are riddles to include. Sending them some riddles would be an idea for any week … but especially this week. I also added some Bible references if you want to develop them into a lesson or devotional thought.

Do you know any more?

1. How do we know Abraham was a smart man?

He knew a Lot.

Genesis 12:4 — Lot was Abraham’s nephew and when Abraham moved to Canaan, Lot went with him.

2. Where was Solomon’s temple?

On the side of his head.

1 Kings 6:7 — One of Solomon’s greatest feats was building the temple. In fact it took seven years to build it because Solomon wanted everything just right.

3. Who was the funniest man in the Bible?

Samson. He brought the house down. (A phrase that means: to make people laugh.)

Judges 16 — Read this chapter to learn how Samson (now that the Philistines had figured out his secret and cut off his hair), asked to be led to two pillars in the temple of the false god.

4. What lady was extra smart with her money?

Pharaoh’s daughter.

Exodus 2:1-9 — She went to the Bank of the Nile and received a good profit (prophet – Moses)

5. When was baseball first mentioned in the Bible?

In the BIG Inning.

Genesis 1:1 — In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

6. What happened in the BIG INNING?

Eve stole first.

Adam stole second.

Cain struck out Abel.

The Prodigal Son came home

Genesis 3:6

Genesis 4:6

Luke 25:11-32

(Another one that goes along with this – When was tennis first mentioned in the Bible? When Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court? Genesis 39)

7. Who was the shortest man in the Bible?

Bildad the Shuhite (shoe height)

Job 2:11

Some Noah riddles — Genesis 6-7

8. How did Noah light the ark?

With floodlights.

9. Did you hear about Noah’s canning business?

He had a boat full of preserved pairs.

10. What animal took the most luggage on the ark? Which took the least?

The elephant brought his trunk, but the rooster only brought his comb.

11. What did the one cat say to the other cat as they left the ark?

Is that AraRAT?

12. Where did Noah keep his bees?

In the arc-hives!




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