12 Facts About Candace (and Her Treasurer)

dawn desert dry dune
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Remember a week or so ago I posted about Tabitha? Tabitha doesn’t sound like a biblical name, does it?

Well, Candace is another name you might be surprised is in the Bible.

Here are 10 facts about her.

  1. You can read about her treasurer (the man who took care of her money) in Acts 8:27-40.
  2. She was queen of Ethiopia.
  3. She might have been the only queen named Candace or maybe Candace was the name of many queens – kind of like Pharaoh was the name of several kings.
  4. Her treasurer (a court official who was in charge of all her wealth) traveled to Jerusalem to worship though he didn’t know much about Christ.
  5. While there someone gave him a copy of the book of Isaiah.
  6. The treasurer was traveling home on the road between Jerusalem and Gaza and stopped in the desert and was reading Isaiah.
  7. Philip, an apostle, who was one of the ones who had to flee because of the persecution, saw the treasurer. (An angel had given him a message from God that directed him to go to this deserted place and he obeyed.)
  8. Philip asked the treasurer if he understood what he was reading and the treasurer said “How can I understand unless someone explains?”
  9. The treasurer invited Philip to join him in the chariot.
  10. The treasurer was reading this: Like a sheep he was led to the slaughter and like a lamb before its shearer is silent, so he opens not his mouth.
  11. Philip explained what the verses meant and told him about Christ. The treasurer believed and was baptized.
  12. We don’t know if the treasurer told Candace about what happened, but it said that he went on his way, so we can guess that he told his queen the good news.

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