Update On Life

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Photo by Hakan Tahmaz on Pexels.com

During the past one and a half plus years that I’ve been dealing with cancer, several people have told me that I should be blogging about it. I have resisted. My passion is to write about biblical truths, recommend books, and overall chat with parents and teachers about their interaction with kids. I had no desire to write a health blog … even when it was about my own health.

Besides, this journey has been convoluted. Did anyone really want to hear about 30 biopsies most of which accomplished nothing more than poking another hole in me? When even the doctor (just a couple weeks ago) said, “Linda, you’re a mystery,” I figured anything I wrote would also be a mystery.

So why am I writing now? I am starting a new adventure. They have found a clinical trial for me — though because the cancer is so rare no one with my exact symptoms has been on this trial before. Oh … wait! No human has been on this trial before.

I might just start barking.

Last week I went down to the University of Chicago for screening. You know how, when they take your blood, they put them in those vials with the different colored lids? Well, they ran out of colors and I was on animal-print lids. Seriously. Twelve vials.

I passed the screening, though there’s a good chance that my body will reject the medicine and I’ll be back on chemo.

And so it begins. I will occasionally write about it, but not everyday or even every other day. I welcome your comments, but will not be answering too many medical questions (they’re just difficult to explain). But do welcome your encouraging verses for my Instagram account. (See below.)

I also welcome prayer that I’ll remain calm and rely on the verse that means so much to me — Isaiah 26:3-4: You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

The knowledge that the Holy Spirit indwells me has meant so much during this journey. I think of Him within me as I sit in waiting rooms, as I lie on an examining table, and as I wait for the next phone call or Mychart update. I grasp hold of His indwelling. (I now have MyChart in three different hospitals.)

All I can do now is endure more poking and prodding and wait … upon the Lord.

That’s it. That’s the update.

I have been talking about this (sort of) on Instagram the past couple months. Posting encouraging verses along with my photography. Friends and family have been sending me verses to use.  You can find me on Instagram at ppw940





  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with your readers. You can be assured that I will be continuing to pray daily for you as you enroll in this clinical trial, and pray that you will see success in the outcome. You are much loved, Linda.


  2. Linda, I follow you and attended several of your classes at an Awana conference in Tidewater VA a couple of years ago. You are an inspiring teacher. I will be praying for you and 2 Samuel 22 was mentioned today at my Bible Study. God bless and keep you, a dear sister in Christ.


    1. Yes, I remember you, Karen. Thanks for praying and thanks for the verse suggestion – to you have a favorite individual verse in that chapter?


  3. I will pray for the wisdom to do what is right for you🙏 I have battled prostate cancer for 12 years. Exhausting many options I also did a clinical trial at Rush in Chicago. I know that picture of taking 12+ vials of blood regularly. Didn’t know I had that much in me😀 I know God is in control but also allow myself to feel sad, anger, scared. Blessings on your journey. Del Linderman


    1. Thanks for sharing, Del. I beat the 12 vials by a lot yesterday – with about 30 as they tested my reactions! Quite journey for sure! Will be praying for you.


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