A Lady Named Tabitha

brown yarn on gray textile
Photo by Caroline Feelgood on Pexels.com

Whom do you think about when you hear the name Tabitha? I’m guessing a lot of people think about a TV sitcom … or someone you actually know with the name.

But did you know there’s a Tabitha in the Bible?

Here are some facts to teach your child about this special lady.

1. Her biography is found in Acts 9:36-43.

2. Her name is translated Dorcas in Greek.

3. Tabitha was kind to others … she made clothes for the poor people who lived in her town of Joppa.

4. She became sick and died and that saddened her friends.

5. Peter was in the nearby town of Lydda and her friends asked two men to go find him and ask him to come heal Tabitha. He came.

6. The friends took Peter to an upstairs room and showed him all the clothes she had made. (Can’t you just imagine them talking over one another, as they showed Peter all the garments? “Peter, she made this covering for me. Peter, here is a half-finished robe she was making for the widow down the street. Peter, she was so kind, always thinking of others.)

7. Peter sent the friends out of the room and then knelt down and prayed.

8. Peter then looked at Tabitha and said, “Get up!” And she got up!

9. God was the one who caused Tabitha to come back to life. Peter could not have done it on his own.

10.God allowed Peter to raise Tabitha from the dead, because He wanted people to know that the Lord Jesus  (whom Peter preached about) was truly the Son of God. People all over Joppa heard about what Peter had done.

Tabitha was a special lady who showed kindness to those around her. Take some time to teach your kids about this outstanding seamstress.


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