Book Review – Gutsy Girls

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Are you looking for some good books for your daughter (or son) to read on a wintry afternoon? A good choice is the Gutsy Girls series. Five books in all, written by Amy L. Sullivan and illustrated by Beverly Ann Wines, each is a story about a strong, Christian woman who impacted the world. The books were all written in the last five years.

The books have many pictures. They have more text than a picture book … but not quite as much as a chapter book. One reviewer said her nine-year-old really liked them so I will put age on kindergarten — fourth grade.


The books are about …

#1 — Missionary Gladys Alward and her work with orphans.

#2 — Corrie and Betsie ten Boom and their work hiding the Jews and then being taken to a concentration camp.

#3 — Fanny Crosby, blind hymn writer

#4 — Jennifer Wiseman, an astronaut and astrophysicist

$5 — Sojourner Truth, a former slave who enabled other slaves to get their freedom.

The books all have additional information and vocabulary lists in the back.

I would give these books a five out of five.

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