Painted toast


Before I was a writer for Awana, I directed our church preschool for several years.

While taking one of the classes in order to get my early childhood teaching credentials, I learned how to paint toast. (The joys of being a preschool teacher!)

I thought it would be a fun thing to share and maybe something you’d like to do with your kids for Valentine’s Day. Be creative! You can draw pictures and/or write messages.


You need:


Food coloring

Paint brush (if you do not have new, clean paint brushes, you can use a basting brush)

Bread (however many slices you want).  This will work with any kind of bread, but obviously shows up best on a lighter texture


What to do:

Pour a small amount of milk in each cup (depending on how many colors you desire).


Mix food coloring into the milk.

With the brush, paint on the bread.

Let dry for a few minutes and then toast and you will have painted toast!

This is a safe project for kids to do themselves or for you to do for them as a surprise!

You can make any day special by writing “Good morning” on your child’s toast.

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