Teaching the Days of Creation – Ten Ways

girl sitting on grass
Photo by Jhefferson Santos on Pexels.com

One of the first lessons taught our children (in most curriculums) is the seven days of creation, Here are ten ways to teach kids what was created on each of the days.

1. Motions — for instance, you could have the children wiggle their fingers for the stars (fourth day) or mimic an elephant’s trunk (sixth day).

2. Songs – you may know a song, or be capable of writing your own song, If those two suggestions don’t work, look on YouTube. I am not recommending all the kids’ creation songs on there, but there are a lot of them, including some that are quite clever,

3. Circles for each day – cut out seven circles. Draw a picture of what happened on each day on each of the circles. (Or, if teaching a class, create small circles. You would just need to do one and copy or download for each child.) You could have contests as to who could put them in the correct order the fastest.

4. Or, numbers for each day — cut out large-sized numbers and draw the day’s events on the numbers.

5. Creation book – find a book (or books) about creation. Many are true to God’s Word and have colorful illustrations or photographs. DVDs are also good.

6. Sensory tables/stations — for a classroom setting, set up stations; one for each day.  For instance, you could use flashlights for the first day, small twigs to “plant” in a pan of sand or dirt for the third day, a bowl of water with plastic fish for the fifth day,

7. Block painting — Could some crafty adults in your church work together to make some creation blocks? They could sand pieces of wood and then paint on them the number of the days and a picture illustrating what was created on that day. These could be a permanent addition to your nursery, toddler, or preschool classroom.

8. Pictures from magazines — Have older children go through magazines and cut out pictures depicting the different days of creation. Make collages. (Old National Geographics work well.

9. Wall Murals — Have kids make a gigantic wall mural of the different days. You could use newsprint or other type of paper (that you can unroll to desired size) as background. Or if you have some talented high school kids or adults around, ask them to paint the mural right on the wall (with permission, of course.)

10. Match the days — Day 1 – light goes along with Day 4 – sun, moon and stars. Day 2 – sea and sky goes along with Day 5 – fish and birds. Day 3 – dry land and plants goes along with Day 6 – land animals and human. Day 7 — God rested.

Have fun … and if you have an idea not mentioned here, write a comment and let others share in your creativity,


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