Book Review – Why God?

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(A word of explanation for the New Year and for my new followers. I post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with an occasional post on another day – but for sure on those three days.)

Has a child ever asked you why he/she should believe in God?

Here’s a great kids’ book that gives an answer.

Thomas likes to ask silly questions, but he also likes to ask BIG, IMPORTANT questions like why he should believe in God. His mom explains the “why” to Thomas and his sister, Hope.

This book explains difficult concepts to little kids. (I would say it’s geared toward preschool through about 2nd or 3rd grade.)

Title: Why God? Big Answers About God and Why We Believe in Him

Author: Dan DeWitt

Illustrator: Christine Grove

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tennessee – 2019

I would give this book a five our of five.



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