10 Things to Do on Christmas

merry christmas sign
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

* Make sure kids (you) write down who got them what – so thank-yous can be given to the right person for the right thing.

* Try a new food.

* Ask everyone a meaningful question –

What does Christmas mean to you?

When did you become a Christian? (If the person is a believer, of course)

What do you think Bethlehem is like?

* Ask older guests to share a special Christmas memory from childhood.

* Start a new tradition. This can be simple like a walk through the neighborhood after dinner or having the kids make personalized placemats.

* See how much of Luke 2 you can recite (with everyone’s help).

* Make sure kids know how to be appreciative even if Great-grandma gives a 15- year-old a present fit for a five-year-old. He can still be thankful for the thought.

* Have everyone write down memories of this particular Christmas – one journal page (or drawing from a little kid) is sufficient. Keep the journal pages together, so you have a record of your Christmases.

* Go through your Christmas cards and pray for your friends and family.

* Reach out to someone who doesn’t have close family at Christmas. Invite them to your house for dinner, take them some cookies, or make a phone call to let them know you’re thinking about them.



    1. Yes – I got that idea from someone (can’t remember who). I think they actually saved their cards to Christmas and opened them all as a family.


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