A Fun Christmas Vacation Activity

boy making house cookies
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Even though kids have been waiting for Christmas vacation forever, there sometimes comes a day when everyone is a little restless and … yes, even ready to go back to school.

Here’s a fun activity I have done with grand kids and nieces – and might be something you do at least on a limited basis (think HALF the alphabet).

Have an alphabet day. In other words, do something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Some activities are easy (L – Look at Lights), but some are a little more difficult. (X – listen to Xfinity).

You can do this two ways … you can just do it throughout the day no matter where you are – at home or somewhere else like the store. Or, you can head out in the morning (which is what we did) and determine not to come home again until you’ve gone from A – Z (but not necessarily in order).

Here are some examples to get you started.

E is for eating breakfast at (local fast food place)

S is for Singing a Christmas carol.

V is for Visiting a friend.

J is for Jumping down the street. (Yes, you can be silly – they’re YOUR rules.)

T if for taking pictures for Grandma.

But wait … you can also do some service projects while you’re at it.

B is for Buying cookies for your pastor/church staff for all the hard work they put into the Christmas services.

P is for Purchasing flowers, taking them to the local nursing home and asking the receptionist to give them to someone who doesn’t have friends or family.

R is for helping Refill a food pantry (people often remember to give at Christmas, but then donations drop off).

Older kids have fun thinking up creative ways to “fill in” a letter, and this activity can help younger kids learn the alphabet.

So have fun … and see what happens … and how far you get.




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