A Poem and a Message

adorable beautiful blur child
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Rachel Denhollender stepped into the national scene on the day she gave her poignant speech at the trail of Larry Nassar – the doctor who abused more than a hundred young girls. (The number is probably a lot higher – no one knows for sure.) Rachel came 

IMG_3317forward when others didn’t and made the sacrifice of publicly sharing her name. She realized that she had a support system through her faith and family that others didn’t. She is also an attorney, and therefore, understands the law.

Now she has written a book: What is a Girl Worth? recently published by Tyndale and already a best seller. The book is a powerful book about what sexual abuse does to people and I think her message should be read by every parent, children’s ministry worker and pastor.

But she has gone further and written a book for little girls: How Much Is a Little Girl IMG_3323.jpegWorth? This book is a lyrical poem telling children that in God’s sight they are worth much. Rachel’s poem does not mention abuse, but rather is a positive IMG_3322.jpegpicture of a child’s value. Morgan Huff’s illustrations are soft and appealing, adding to the tone of the poem itself.

This book would be good in any small child’s library and/or could be a valuable gift for a child who has been abused.

I give it a five out of five,




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