Graphic Novels About Nehemiah?

FB_IMG_1570160085773.jpgThanks to Deb del Villar for writing today’s blog post and supplying the pictures! This sounds like such a fun thing to do with a group of kids … and a good way for them to learn.


We had a great opportunity  to teach a group of 10 kids, ages 10 to 16 – nine of them boys. Wondering what would be the best way to teach them while also keeping them highly engaged across the age span lead to creative thinking.

Nehemiah was chosen as the book study.  This book is full of rich information and IMG_20190927_200642.jpgpractical help in how to be a godly leader. Nehemiah also teaches us how to put our whole heart into what we’re doing. All kids need to know the power of God, prayer, obedience, and submission. But, choosing the book was the easy part – now how did we keep them all actively involved in the teaching and learning.

As we thought about their current interests, the decision was made to have them create their own graphic novel of Nehemiah. The first week small, empty journals were handed out.  IMG_20190927_200627.jpgAfter reading and discussing a few verses at a time, the students drew what they had just heard and learned. This was repeated for each set of verses.

The students loved it! There is such variety and creativity in their depictions. Natural conversations occurred about the lesson as they were drawing. This led to review and reinforcement of what had happened as well as the biblical truths that emerged. Each student was interested in what the others drew as well as wanting to share their drawing.

By the end of the study, each student will have their own graphic novel of Nehemiah — individually authored and drawn by them.

May God use Nehemiah in each of their lives growing and strengthening them to accomplish much for Him.IMG_20190927_200631.jpeg

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