What Was so Good About the Stew?

soup on white ceramic soup bowl
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Remember Jacob and Esau?

Here’s some facts about the “I’m-dying-of-hunger” stew incident.

1. You can read about it in Genesis 26:29-34.

2. Esau and Jacob were twins, but Esau was the oldest twin and therefore entitled to his father’s birthright.

3. Esau was entitled to a double portion of inheritance and to be in charge of the household … because of his birthright.

3. Esau liked to hunt. Jacob was quieter and stayed around home.

4. Rebecca loved Jacob and helped him be deceptive.

5. Jacob cooked a lentil stew. Lentil stew was known to be flavorable and to smell delicious. Perhaps the exhausted Esau smelled it as he was walking across the fields to his family’s tent.

6. Esau might have been the first one to say, “I’m dying of hunger,” but he certainly wasn’t the last. When was the last time one of your kids said it to you?

7. Lentils were one of the most commonly eaten vegetables during Old Testament times and like Esau’s feast … were often served with bread.

8. Most often the bread was folded over and used as a spoon for the stew.

9. Jacob and Esau continued to have problems, with Jacob (with Mom’s help) stealing Esau’s blessing.

We can look at Jacob and Esau and wonder how they could be so rash. (Well, giving up your birthright for a bowl of bean soup is kind of hard to understand.) But, we shouldn’t be too surprised.

The Bible tells us: The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperate sick; who can understand it?

Let’s teach our kids the sinfulness of deceitfulness.

To make the discussion even more appealing, why not make some lentil stew and some bread to enjoy while you’re talking?




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