Family Dinner Fun

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Quite a while ago I listed family dinner ideas – not recipes – but activities you can do together.

Here are some additional ideas.

*Let the kids themselves help with dinner. Young children can add ingredients to a salad or stir a sauce. Older kids may be able to make the entire dinner with little help. Give them opportunity to go for it. (Be encouraging even if the peas are a bit overdone and cookies a bit crumbly.)

* Cover the table with a white paper tablecloth. Plan a dinner without words. All communication is done by marker on the tablecloth.

*Get the conversation going with a fun question. If you had to eat the same food for every meal during the coming year, what would that meal be? What Bible character would you like to invite for dinner? What skill or talent do you wish you had? If you wrote a book about your life – what would you call it?

*Say a verse. Give everyone opportunity to say the verse/verses that they have learned – or learn one together.

*Plan an alphabet meal. Write each letter of the alphabet on a separate piece of paper. Put the pieces into a box and pull out one letter. (You could save the rest for another time.) Let’s say you chose R. Plan your meal around the letter R: Roast beef, rolls, ravioli, radishes, raisins, etc.

*Guest Bible Character. Dad, Mom … or a teen (this is a great way to involve older kids) dress up as a Bible character. (This could be as simple as wearing a bathrobe, sandals, etc.) The person comes to the table as that character. The “actor” stays in character during the entire meal, answering questions according to his experiences and sharing some of the adventures he experienced. The “actor” should do research, learning not only about the character’s biography, but also about the culture of the day and how that impacted the experience of the person. You could have a lot of fun with this and it could be to a great learning experience.

*Have a meal of shapes. Now that you’ve done a color meal (original list) and an alphabet meal, why not plan a meal of shapes? Circles? Burgers, peas, grapes, etc.

*What would you say? Ask your kids what they would say in different situations. These could be funny situations such as “How would you explain to the police why you have a whale in your trunk?” But you also could do more serious questions such as “What would you do if someone asked you to try drugs?” Or, “What would you say if someone told you the Bible wasn’t true?”

Eat dinner.

Have fun!



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