In For a Treat …

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Thanks to Deb del Villar for today’s post.

First thing each morning our dog goes out. Upon his return, he comes back in and sits by a cabinet door. He has learned that the cabinet door has his treats and that when he comes back he gets one of those treats.  He looks up expectantly, even opening his mouth and licking his lips eagerly waiting. Our dog longs for his treat which he hastily devours, looking up to see if another is coming. Some mornings he will even bark letting us know he is ready for another and another and another…

I have been studying and memorizing parts of Psalm 119. When I got to verse 131 and 132, “I open my mouth and pant, because I long for your commandments. Turn to me and be gracious to me…” those words got me thinking about our dog. Do I sit expectantly and eagerly, longing to hear God’s Word? Am I hungering and thirsting after God and His Word, always wanting more? Maybe even begging for more? Do I look up to God, knowing He will give me a treat from His Word – just what I need to get through today! Do I go to Him first thing in the morning, knowing He is good and gracious? Our dog and his enthusiasm for his bacon strip treats put me to shame. May I learn from him – what I can feast on is so much better than bacon!

Then my mind wandered to Acts 3:5. “And he fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them.” The lame beggar in this account looked up to Peter and John expecting to receive some alms. Peter and John gave the lame beggar something so much greater than alms – so much greater than bacon –the lame beggar was healed, leaping to his feet, walking, and praising God. Once we have received so great a treat, may we remember to pass it on. Some treats are best shared!

Look up for the best is still coming – heaven where we will be treated to a sumptuous banquet. A wonderful place we will live forever! Are you IN FOR A TREAT

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