Some Sweet Facts to Share With Your Kids

food photography of chocolate ice cream
Photo by Rawan Jo on

*Did you know brownies were invented in 1896?

*Did you know that one chocolate chip gives an adult enough energy to walk 150 feet?

*Did you know that Snickers is named after the Mars’ family horse?

*Did you know some candy researchers say that lollipops were also named after a horse?

*Did you know that tootsie rolls were rationed to soldiers during World War II because they lasted a long time?

*Did you know that November 7th is National Cotton Candy Day? (And cotton candy was invented by a dentist.)

*Did you know that the word “sweet” is mentioned approximately 100 times in the Bible?

*The word “sweet” is used …

…as a word to describe cinnamon. (Exodus 30:23)

…as a word to describe David, the “sweet” psalmist. (2 Samuel 23:1)

…as a word to describe what our words should be to other people. (Proverbs 16:24)

Ask your kids: “Are the words you say to your brothers and sisters, your parents and your friends as sweet as chocolate?”

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