The Girl with the Water

selective focus close up photo of brown wilson pigskin football on green grass
Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on

Serve one another.

Last Friday I went to a high school football game.

Not really to see the game, but to hear the band (think grandson).

I like watching kids compete. I like studying kids and how they react to situations. I enjoy writing for kids and about kids. So my senses were on alert to do some people watching as the score rose higher and higher (final score – 66-7).

And then I saw her – the water girl. She must’ve been about 10. I’m fairly sure her hair started out in a kind of cute style (mimicking the cheerleaders) with a braid down the side, but now it was sort of half braided and half unbraided with wisps of escaped hair covering her face.

But she had a job to do. She had a six-pack of water bottles and her job was to make sure the guys had a drink when they were thirsty. That meant carrying her rather heavy and awkward load, up and down the field as the guys on the sidelines constantly moved to be as near as possible to where the action was happening. Intently, every few minutes, she offered the guys a drink. Some took it. Some did not.

But beware any player who bypassed her and instead went straight to the canisters – she was right there thrusting a water bottle into their hands instead.

As the (rather slow) game continued, she occasionally put down her six-pack and juggled two or three bottles into the air, but once the action started, she was back on the job.

When one of the players fell, and everyone gathered around – she was immediately there with her water. (He was ok.)

Sometimes she would watch the cheerleaders and emulate their actions, but always with an eye toward her “team.”

Periodically she would put the six-pack down on the table and check to make sure they were full – if they had a little left, she finished it herself and then filled the bottle up with water from the canister.

She had a job to do and she did it. She took her responsibility seriously.

Have you ever thought about the word responsibility? Responsibility is the ability to respond.

Do your kids have the ability to respond?

But sometimes that’s also a question we need to ask ourselves. Am I responding right now to what I should be doing? Am I responding to consistently showing up to my duties at church? Am I responding to my neighbors, my friends, the homeless man on the corner?

Do I have the ability to respond and if so, am I teaching that to my kids?

Peter wrote hundreds of year ago:  As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace. (I Peter 4:10)

That’s responsibility – the ability to respond to the gift God has given us and using it to serve others.

A goal we should all have EVERY DAY.

That little girl at the football game had a job to do and NOTHING kept her from doing it.

The band played. The team scored. The cheerleaders cheered. The crowd yelled.

And she made sure every player had water whether or not they asked for it.

Go girl! Someone has taught you well.

Serve one another and be a good steward of God’s grace.


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