A Tomato Lesson

three tomatoes
Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

Thanks to Deb del Villar for today’s post. Deb gives a teaching lesson from a tomato plant! Read on to see what it is …

When we planted our tomato plants, we were very careful to place them inside a cage-like structure. The structure will allow them to grow strong, healthy, and upright resulting in much fruit production. Almost every day, we have to go out, replacing a few shoots of every plant, coaxing them back inside the structure. It seems a natural tendency for the tomato plant to grow outside. In fact, if we miss a couple of days, it is extremely hard to get them back inside as almost more of the plant is outside then inside.

If we wait more than a few days, we pretty much have to give up. The plant is bent over under the weight with even some of the plants falling down due to breaking in spots. The plant is too big and will break if we try to bend it back inside. For those that conformed to the structure, rich, red delicious tomatoes grow.

This got me thinking about our Christian life.

God has given us His Word to be our safety structure, teaching us how to live a strong, healthy, and upright life as we grow up in Him. If we trust and obey His Word, conforming our life to it, we will have much fruit in our lives. We will influence others as a result.  Yet our tendency is to want to go outside the boundaries of His Word. The Gardener – the Holy Spirit – must continually remind us and convict us, encouraging us to move back inside the boundaries of what God says. The decision is to conform to this world or to The Word. The longer we live outside the boundaries, the harder it is to get back inside. We become bent over under the weight of our decisions as well as sins’ consequences. We can still come back but we may have breaks and bruises from the process. Chances are fruit will have been lost and the resulting yield will be smaller.

The tomato plants that stayed within the cage-like structure produced a tremendous yield enjoyed by all. If we stay inside the boundaries of God’s Word, we will produce a harvest of righteousness that is pleasing to God and others. May we grow up into Him!


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