Praying for Missionaries

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We often encourage kids to pray for missionaries, but don’t give them any guidance on what to say. Here’s some help.

If you’re encouraging kids to pray for specific missionaries (ones whom your family or church supports) provide your kids with prayer cards, resources about the country where the missionaries serve, and information about how they serve. (For instance, if they run an orphanage, tell the children as much as you can about that orphanage.) Look together at any websites that will give the kids more information about the country and people.


*Pray for the political situation of the country. This is important for any country, but especially those who are involved in war.

*Thank the Lord that the missionaries are allowed to serve.

*Pray for the people who trust in false gods. (Talk to the kids about the primary religion in the country.)

*Pray for the country’s Christians.

*Pray for churches and ministries in the country.



*Pray that the missionaries will have wisdom in serving the people.

*Pray that the missionaries will be good team members.

*Pray that new missionaries will quickly learn the language.

*Pray that the missionary will relate well to the people.

*Pray that the missionary (and their children) will quickly find friends in the country.

*Thank the Lord that the missionary is willing to work in the country.

*Pray that the missionary will show kindness even in difficult situations.

*Pray by name for the children in the missionary family

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