12 Not-the-Ordinary Memory Games

two girls doing school works
Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah on Pexels.com

1. Spin a Web — Give the first child a ball of yarn. The child says the first word of the verse and then tosses the yarn to another child, but holds on to the end of the yarn so there is now a string of yarn between the first and second child. Second child says the second word and throws the yarn to a third child (again, holding on to the string of yarn). In other words, as the verse is completed, the children create a web. When they have correctly completed the verse, they could see if they can undo the web by resaying the verse, rolling up the yarn as they go.

2. Clothesline — Hang a rope/string across the room (or use some of the yarn from the first memory game). Write each word of the verse on a piece of heavy paper. Use clothespins or clips to randomly hang the words on the line. Kids need to put the words in the right order.

3. Telephone/Gossip — Remember that game where you whisper a phrase to the first child who whispers it to the second child, etc.? Do that with the verse. You can break the verse into phrases (and play more than once) if it is long. See what the last child hears!

4. What Word Am I? Tape a word of the verse on each child’s back. Children have to ask questions about their word until they guess what it is. Eventually kids put themselves into the right order for the verse. (Older kids)

5. Responsive Reading. Break the verse into phrases and give each child a copy of the reading. You read a phrase and then have the kids read a phrase. You could give different children opportunity to be the leader. This would also be a good idea to use when reviewing several verses. Or, you could include several verses around the specific memory verse so kids get an idea of the context.

6. What’s Under the Chair? Before children arrive tape a word of the verse under their chair. During your meeting, tell them where to find the word and then instruct them to look for other kids with different words so they can complete the verse. If you have a large group, you could have multiple copies of the words so that several groups of kids are attempting to put the verse together.

7. Hangman. Put the spaces for all the words of the verse on a whiteboard or an interactive digital program. Kids guess letters like they do in hangman until they get all the words.

8. Relay. Divide into two teams with a whiteboards, chalkboards or large sheets of paper opposite the starting line. At the whistle, the first child runs and writes the first word, Runs back to the line and second child runs and writes the second word, etc. (Older kids.)

9. Table Race. Similar to the relay, but in table race, children sit around a table. First child writes the first word on a piece of paper, then passes it to a second child for the second word and so on. Group competes with themselves, working toward a faster and faster time to complete the verse. (Older kids.)

10. Code Word. Give each kid a code word (word from the verse) and a code which could be a simple as 1=A; 2=B, etc. Kids crack the code for their word and then work with other kids to put the words together and complete the verse. (Older kids.)

11. Picture Art. Divide the kids into groups depending on how many are present. Give each group a word or phrase from the verse and have them draw a picture illustrating that word or phrase. Put them together to make picture art of the verse.

12. Classic Memory Game. An idea to help kids connect Bible references/addresses to the verse itself. Again, this is great for review. You will need double the amount of cards than verses that you will be reviewing. On each card write a verse or the reference for a verse. Turn the cards over, then play as you would the classic memory game. When it is a child’s turn, they flip over two cards, attempting to match a verse with the reference. If they’re correct, they keep the cards, if they are incorrect they flip them over again and it is the next child’s turn.


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