A Missions Book to Use Over and Over

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Last Sunday I noticed our church library had a fairly new Operation World Prayer Resource for families (or children/youth ministry workers). The book is titled: Windows on the World. Published by IVP Books and Operation World, the book is crammed full of information about different people groups around the world.

The book includes lots of beautiful photography, current culture in the countries69dc3e87-2ffb-4966-b2d8-ae9436406f23._CR899,0,3241,3241_PT0_SX220__.jpeg, fact files, ways you can pray for the country, and a glossary of words.

As I skimmed through the book, my immediate thought was: What a great idea for parents or teachers. Choose one country to learn about each month. Read the information in the book, but go further and look up pictures on the Web.

For parents, you could learn about the country around the dinner table while enjoying food often eaten in that country. Kids could draw the country’s flag (pictured in the book) or do other crafts representing the country or people group.

Most of the people groups also focus on a specific child and give a little story about that child.

Teachers could also have the kids draw flags or do other crafts, and prepare a snack representing the country.

Adults can then discuss with the children/youth specific ways to pray for the country.

If your family or ministry supports a missionary or sponsors a child in one of these places, this would be a great resource to learn more about the place where the person lives.

At the back of the book is a section with ideas to go further in the study of these places. A section is also dedicated to talking about the most common world religions.

This book has so much information, I know it would be a great resource for any family or church.

I give it a 5 out of 5.

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