We’re Different and …

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Kids are divided into teams and work on a project together to show how each contributes in a different way. (This part was a little difficult for them to understand because it took awhile for them to “assume” roles.)

Recently I had the opportunity to hear Pastor Gary Hollinger (Central Bible Church, Aurora, Illinois) teach a young group of kids about personality and how better to get a long with each other. He adapted an adult leadership study and clearly explained it to the children. He gave me permission to pass along what he did … because I thought it was rather a unique lesson and maybe others could benefit from it. Also, I could see that the kids were understanding what he explained.

Pastor Gary explains a concept.

The first thing he told the kids – which I thought was a great idea – was If you don’t understand a word I’m using, raise your hand and I’ll better explain it. That would be a good introduction for most of us to use most of the time when we’re teaching.

What the board looked like at the beginning of the lesson.

Pastor Gary then talked about Psalm 139:13-14 and how we are amazingly and wonderfully made … but then added that we are all different.

He then used animals to show how different “animal” personality types react differently.  A lion will attack a problem. A cow stands still and chews its cud, “thinking” about the situation. A dog easily trusts people. Cats seldom trust anyone, etc. He then gave a couple examples and asked the kids which “type” they would choose to help as he explained that all people react differently. The kids seemed to get it and understand, giving him good answers to his example questions.

He then explained that there are two ways to respond to those differences. Because we are different, we can become judgmental and back away from someone. Or, we can value the differences in each other and become closer friends.

He concluded with two thoughts.

1. We should gravitate toward things that are worthy, good, honorable, etc. (Philippians 4:8)

2. We should back away when someone’s differences are sinful. We need to protect ourselves by doing the right things, surrounding ourselves with people who desire to make good choices, and not getting caught up in making wrong choices.

Again, the kids understood and I thought it was a rather unique lesson.

When all is revealed.

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