Superfluity of Grossness

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Today’s blog post was written by Deb del Villar about an interesting phrase found in the King James Bible.  Truly …  sometimes the descriptions in King James cannot be topped. This is a supreme example of the often unique choice of words.

Kids often gravitate toward grossness, so share this story, but then discuss the spiritual implications of the superfluity of naughtiness.


Living out in the country we are not connected to the city sewage system. Therefore we have a septic tank. A septic tank is an underground chamber made up of concrete, fiberglass or plastic through which domestic wastewater (sewage) flows for basic treatment. The contents are reduced through settling and anaerobic processes. Although it works well there are times when it becomes too full and must be pumped out. At one of those visits, the men who came to pump our septic tank told us what had happened the week prior at another home.

In the process of connecting the equipment, one of the men slipped. Guess what he slipped into? Yep! Right into the tank. Can you imagine? Septic tanks hold 1000 gallons of raw sewage. Think about it – raw sewage! He was quickly helped out but… skunks would have taken cover.  I do not even like to be out in the yard when the tank is opened and drained. I certainly would not want to plop into one!

Why am I talking about septic tanks? What does it have to do with Scripture? When I read James 1:19-27, I picture a septic tank … filthiness and rampant wickedness. The KJV version uses the term superfluity of naughtiness. Such impurity, depravity, and uncleanness that the evil is overflowing onto and into others just like the poor man who fell into the septic tank.  The Scripture tells us to put away this moral filth and great defilement by receiving God’s Word with meekness. The man who fell into the septic tank was quick and grateful to get a shower (I can only imagine) and remove the filth. Standing around with the gook stuck to him was not an option. He needed to get rid of the mess. May that be your desire as you strive to be quick to hear and do God’s Word.

Hopefully you will never fall in to a septic tank, but all of us are surrounded by the septic tank of sin, the superfluity of naughtiness. Are you prepared to be quick, get out, and away from the scum? Septic tanks work better if a product containing natural active bacteria and enzymes is added every month. This product helps with the breakdown of household waste keeping the delicate balance so your septic tank works efficiently and effectively. We too have something we can do to help us break down the evil surrounding us – God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to use it daily for optimum performance of your Christian life and testimony.

Study God’s Word. Memorize God’s Word. Listen as your parents, pastor and teachers tell you about God’s Word.  Allow it to break down evil thoughts, attitudes, words, and behaviors. You do not want to back up and overflow with evil.

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