The Lure of Fishing

man and child fishing
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Now that’s spring is here (or sort of here) and summer is not far behind, you might have “fishing with the kids” on your list of things to do.

Deb del Villar compares a fishing lure with the lure of sin … a good message to talk about with your kids as you’re waiting for the trout to bite.


While walking through a huge store specializing in hunting and fishing gear, my mind wandered to a lesson we had taught to a group of kids. We were studying these verses in James, But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and when it is fully grown brings forth death”  (James 1:14-15)

The store had rows upon rows of lures. The variety was overwhelming to a novice like me.  The clerk told us this seemingly unlimited assortment was divided very intentionally depending on the type of fishing, and what kind of fish you wanted to catch.

But in spite of the differences, EVERY  lure had one purpose – to attract or appeal to  fish. You just had to know which one was the best for your intended target.

Next came rows upon rows of bait. Again the variety was endless (or so it seemed).  You needed to know about the sought-for kind of fish to choose the best kind of bait.

Once more, even with all the choices, there was one purpose – to hide the hook to keep the fish in order to “trick” it into taking the bait. Same story with all the hooks available, all with the purpose of catching and dragging the fish to its death.

I couldn’t help but think back to our lesson. Satan has a tremendous store of temptations or lures that appeal and attract us. If one doesn’t work, he tries another. From the very beginning his purpose was to deceive people into doing wrong. Think about what he said to Eve, “That fruit won’t hurt you. The fruit will make you wise as God.”  He must’ve been convincing, because Eve took the bait! Once caught, you are trapped, dragged away into sin. You’re no longer in control, the lure pulls you along. The end result is death – separation from God due to sin.

What can we do to not fall into the trap?

Here are some discussion points to talk over with your kids.

*Detect the lure and bait before you’re hooked. Make good choices.

*Know Scripture so you know what’s right and what’s wrong.

*Help them understand and trust God’s goodness.

*Teach them to know and trust God’s generosity. He deals bountifully with us, lavishing loving care on us.

*Teach them God’s graciousness. His death on the cross took care of all our sins, past and present. The forgiveness is there.

*Teach them God’s Word and how to use His Word decisively against the attacks of Satan by helping your kids to think properly and walk correctly.

Fishing takes a lot of patience and gives you a quiet place to talk. Next time you’re fishing with your kids. talk about the lure, bait and hook.

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