Four Easter Books to Share with Your Kids

Easter is coming and once again, I have read through several kids’ books looking for a few to recommend.

Hmmm … the names are a little redundant, but truly they are different books!


*My Very First Easter Story

By: Lois Rock

Illustrator: Alex Ayliffe

This book is for preschoolers and as a “board book” type cover, but the pages themselves are paper and not what you usually see in a board book.

The book gives a good overview of the Easter account from the entry into Jerusalem until Christ tells the disciples to spread the gospel and then ascends into heaven.


*My First Story of Easter

By: Tim Dowley

Illustrator: Roger Langton

Another book for very young kids. Pictures have more details than the first book and I think would appeal to kids.

Like the previous book, this one gives a good overview, but emphasizes more of the trial and crucifixion itself.


*The Easter Story

By: Paraphrase of Scripture texts

Illustrator: Cathy Ann Johnson

This book is for early elementary kids.

I especially like this book as it directly pulls from Scripture. Each section of the account (under each page of text) lists the verses (from all four gospels) that corresponds to the words.


*The Very First Easter

By: Paul L. Maier

Illustrator: Francisco Ordaz

Contemporary story of a boy named Christopher, talking through the Easter account with his parents. Chris asks many questions which your kids have probably also asked … or at least thought about … and the author gives good answers.

A lot of Scripture is written out … that’s good for families who might not take the time to look the references up in the Bible.

In many ways, the book is good, thought-provoking and a great read for you and your kids.

BUT — and there is a big BUT here. I disagree with the value placed on communion – that it is during communion that “God grants forgiveness of sins.”  God paid the price so we could have forgiveness at the cross. Communion is important as a picture of Christ’s death and resurrection, not when forgiveness actually takes place. Later it is stated that Christ comes to us through baptism (again a picture of Christ’s death and resurrection) and through communion.

So, enjoy the book, but be prepared to explain the meaning of the Lord’s supper and baptism.




  1. It doesn’t bother you that Easter is a pagan holiday or that the Bible says not to run around seeking hollow eggs? Jews, we celebrate Passover and Christians, we celebrate the resurrection afterward once a year. Easter is named after Ishtar the Egyptian god of fertility the equival of the Greek Venus.


  2. The Bible says this because back then the ritualistic Pagans used painted eggs as a fertility ritual. To this day that’s true so whatever the first Easter wasHad nothing to do with the Messiah.


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