Nine Bible-based Road Trip Games

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We are in the middle of spring-break season and a lot of families are heading a lot of other places … on road trips.

Anyone who goes on family road trips usually ends up playing games. Sure we now have technology to entertain the kids, but it’s still good to play an old-fashioned game with the family now and then.

Here are ten familiar games that you can turn into learning experiences – having fun while learning God’s Word.

(If your kids don’t know a lot of people and events from the Bible, take a couple Bible story books with you and allow them to look up the answers or look up the questions —if they’re asking the questions.)

**Who am I?  The person who is “it” chooses a man or woman from the Bible and gives a clue about their identity. The first clue should be general. “You read about me in the Old Testament.” The next more specific and so on until someone guesses correctly.

**Hangman. We all know how to play hangman – but in this version the word must be about a person, place, or event from the Bible.

**Alphabetical categories. Someone calls out a category such as a book of the Bible or a king in the Bible. Then, starting with A, each family member takes a turns coming up with a word that fits the category. Some letters won’t work – for instance, there is no Bible book starting with B. Probably the fairest way to handle those letters is for a parent or adult to authorize a skip.

**True or false. The parent or adult asks a series of questions and kids have to say whether they are true or false. Such as: Moses took two of every animal in the ark and seven of some kinds of animals.

**Word association. First person names a person, place, or event from the Bible. Next person says a word associated with the person and so on – see how long a chain you can make. For instance, first person says Joseph, next person says brothers, next person says pit, etc.

**Name Game. First person names a person, place, or event from the Bible – next person has to name someone whose name starts with the last letter of the first person’s name. For instance, JosepH, HeroD, DanieL Luke, ElI.

**Name that tune. Does your family love music? Have two players up against one another. “I can name that tune in three words.” “I can name that tune in two words.” The the parent, adult (or whoever’s turn it is to choose a song) says the first two words to the song he’s thinking about. If neither get it, he adds a word, and so on.

**Twenty questions. Again, choose people, places, and events from the Bible.

To make the games even more challenging (especially if kids are getting names out of a Bible story book, Bible, or Bible app) they must identify the person, place, or event.

Have fun … and of course, when everyone is declared a winner, stop for an ice cream cone at the next town, or allow kids to run around a park for 15 minutes.

(And here’s a freebie for when you’ve stopped at a restaurant and kids are getting jumpy waiting for their food. Play tic-tac-toe by arranging the silverware in a tic-tac-toe grid. Use sugar/salt/artificial sweetener packets for the Xs and Os. This works – the kids in our family have whiled away many restless minutes doing this.)

What games do you play on road trips?

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