Eleven Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

shallow focus photography of four leaf clover
Photo by Djalma Paiva Armelin on Pexels.com

Saint Patrick, we know, was not from Ireland, but from Britain. He was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a young boy – eventually escaped and returned home. But he couldn’t get the godless people he had met in Ireland out of his mind and eventually went back and spent the rest of his life sharing the gospel with the Irish people.

Yet Patrick, the missionary, has little to do with today’s (often wild) celebrations.

Celebrate the day with your kids — in a fun way, highlighting the true event.

Here are some things to do with your kids – some are learning experiences and some are just fun things to do.

  1. Have your child locate Britain and Ireland on a globe.
  2. Challenge older kids to do research on St. Patrick – what was his name at birth, who were his parents, who were the Druids, etc?
  3. Enjoy one of the books about St. Patrick listed in my February 27th post.
  4. Have your children see how much green they can wear. (Green because of Ireland, the Emerald Isle.)
  5. Read with your kids (or have them read) about St. Patrick’s Day from a secular perspective. What false information is given in the explanation?
  6.  Talk about what a missionary does. Patrick went back to Ireland because he knew most of the people didn’t know anything about God. What do you think he told them? How would you explain the gospel to someone?
  7. Make some green popcorn by coating with lime jello. (Recipes can be found on the web.) See how many green foods your kids can list … and/or how many green objects they can find around the house.
  8. Tell the story of St. Patrick to someone who doesn’t know the truth about his life.
  9. Make shamrocks out of green construction paper and decorate your dinner table with them. (You could make a centerpiece, name cards, placemats, etc.)
  10. We hear a lot about rainbows on St. Patrick’s Day … not sure why. But we do know  the origin of the rainbow. Read Genesis 9:12-16. Use glitter or finger-paints to make rainbow pictures.
  11. Listen to St. Patrick’s Hymn  or St. Patrick’s Breastplate (you can find it on YouTube)

Can you think of other ways for you and your kids (both personal and ministry) to honor this man who gave his life to sharing the gospel in Ireland?




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