Have a Combobulated Week

photo of road in the middle of the grass field
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Going off from my usual children’s ministry posts and simply sharing some thoughts today – sort of a Monday Motivator. (At least I hope.)

The past couple months have not been easy ones in my life. No need for details, we’ve all had those times when difficulties trip over each other.

So last week my granddaughter was hanging with me, helping me run some errands as I worked through the latest difficulty – my car – dead in the driveway. Then, to make the situation even more frustrating – I had called the tow truck and was told he would be here in an hour. Meanwhile, we decided to run to the bank. Fifteen minutes later, as I turned back on to the street, I saw the tow truck pull away (30 minutes early) and the dead car still dead at my house.  I quickly called the driver, but he told me he was too far away (I could see him at the end of the block) and I would have to start the tow-truck process all over.

Sighing, I looked at Chloe and said, “I feel discombobulated.”

But then I paused and thought. If I could feel discombobulated, could I feel combobulated?

I hadn’t thought about that before, but isn’t one the opposite of the other?

I looked combobulated up and there is a definition. Though no one really knows the origin of combobulated, some wordsmiths think it might’ve come from an Italian word meaning having a compass. Other definitions mean to bring order out of chaos (or discombobulation) or to have a calm demeanor.

Not what I was experiencing as I watched the tow truck turn the corner.

But I should have been experiencing it.

I thought of the verse that has meant so much to me the past several years –

You keep him in perfect peace
    whose mind is stayed on You,
    because he trusts in You. (Isaiah 26:3)

Where had my peace gone?

When had I forgotten that “perfect” in that verse is another word for peace – God promising us a double-dose of peace?

When had I forgotten that “mind stayed on You” can be compared to a clothesline prop pole – God propping me up when I’m looking down in discouragement?

When had I forgotten to trust?

I talked it over with the Lord and told Him I was ready to once again be combobulated. That I was tired of feeling crazily overwhelmed. That I needed to remember He was there  IS HERE for me.

No, this prayer didn’t make the difficulties go away, but it did change my perspective. My Heavenly Father is  in control. I can depend on Him.

So I called Triple A and started over and the car was properly towed and now a different car sits in the driveway.

Now on this Monday, I am determined to rest in God’s peace.

And I pray this for you, too.

… to have a combobulated week.




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