A Fun Way to Learn a Verse

A big trend in our world right now is decluttering your house – thanks to a petite woman from Japan. So … maybe that means you’re getting rid of some of your old, scratched-up cookie sheets. Or, you could recycle them … and bring joy to your kids!

Here’s my contribution to decluttering … a great new use for an old baking pan.

You need:

*One pan (or more if you’re doing this for your ministry or have several children)

*Verses printed out on the computer

*A roll of magnetic tape

Then —

  1. Print out the verse.
  2. Cut out the individual words.
  3. Attach the words to the magnetic tape. (You may need to cut the tape from the roll and put it under something heavy for several hours or overnight – otherwise, it can curl up and the magnets would lay flat enough to stick.)
  4. Cut the words from the tape so each is an individual magnet.
  5. Mix them up on the cookie sheet.
  6. Challenge the kids to put them in the right order.

    Print the words out on the computer.
Purchase a roll of magnetic tape. Cut the words of the verse out individually.
Attach the words to the tape. (Many rolls are sticky, so they should attach with no problem.)
The words are now magnetized and stick to the cookie sheet.


Mix up the words and challenge the kids to put them in order.

Kids enjoy maneuvering the words and putting the verse in order.

One comment

  1. We have been doing this and the kids live it! They work on it together. It is really helping them learn the monthly verse.


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