Thirteen Memorizing Tips

low light photo of opened book
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Just short and sweet tips to help your kids (and you) memorize verses.

  1. Make sure you and your kids know what all the words mean. Not knowing definitions can make memorizing all the harder.
  2. Write the verse on 3×5 cards and then tape the cards places where they’ll be seen. (I sometimes put the verse I’m memorizing on the mirror, so when I’m drying, curling, etc. my hair – I can go over the verse.)
  3. Have your child/children teach the verse to you. In doing so, they’ll learn it themselves.
  4. Make a chart – with squares for seven days. Concentrate on a verse for just 10 minutes on those seven days – kids will have the verse memorized by the end of the week. (Let them put an x or sticker in the square when they complete each day.)
  5. Emphasize important words, whisper other words as you say the verse. (Kids will pick up your word patterns and that will help them memorize. I’ve seen this happen many times.)
  6. Record the verse on your phone and play it over and over.
  7. Ask your child to find the verse in the Bible and read it over five times.
  8. Clap to the verse – one clap for each syllable.
  9. Ask the child to explain the verse to you in their own words.
  10. Make up motions for the verse.
  11. Draw pictures of the keywords in the verse.
  12. Write the verse out several times.
  13. Work on the verse right before bedtime – scientists have proven that what’s learned right before bed is remembered.

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