The Meaning Behind the Title

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We want kids to memorize the books of the Bible, but often that list of 66 words is simply that – a list of 66 words. If we don’t take the opportunity to explain, then those words have no meaning and become even a bigger challenge.

So, what if we also taught them what the words mean? That would help them understand what they’re learning.

Be simple. Be brief.

Genesis – beginning

Exodus – the  Israelites leaving (exiting) Egypt

Leviticus – the laws of the priests from the tribe of Levite

Numbers – has a lot of history, but also focuses on the census/numbers of each tribe

Deuteronomy – second giving of the law

Joshua – the man chosen to take the Israelites into the Promised Land

Judges – a record of the judges

Ruth – the account of a Moabite lady who left her own people to follow her mother-in-law back to Bethlehem. Her son, Obed, was in the lineage of Christ.

I and 2 Samuel – name of the last judge and the one who anointed the first two kings.

1 and 2 King – the history of the kings

1 and 2 Chronicles – record of events – in this case the events of the Israelites

Ezra – the man who led the rebuilding of the temple

Nehemiah – the man who returned to Israel to rebuild the wall

Job – the man who remained true to God in spite of Satan’s attacks

Psalms – songs

Proverbs – short, thoughtful truths

Ecclesiastes – member of an assembly, the preacher

Song of Solomon – Solomon’s song

Isaiah – a prophet

Jeremiah – a prophet

Lamentations – Jeremiah’s sadness over the lack of belief  (lament, lamenting)

Ezekiel – a prophet

Daniel – a prophet

Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi – all names of prophets

Matthew – one of Christ’s disciples

Mark – an early believer, one who want on later missionary journeys

Luke – a doctor, a friend of Paul’s, the only non-Jew chosen to write part of the New Testament

John – one of Christ’s disciples

Acts – the acts or what is happening

Romans – Paul’s letter to the believers at Rome

1 & 2 Corinthians – Paul’s letter to the believers in Corinth

Galatians – Paul’s letter to the believers in Galatia

Ephesians – Paul’s letter to the believes in Ephesus

Philippians – Paul’s letter to the believers in Philippi

Colossians – Paul’s letter to the believers in Colossae

I & 2 Thessalonians – Paul’s letters to the believers in Thessalonica

1 & 2 Timothy – Paul’s letters to Timothy

Titus – Paul’s letter to Titus

Philemon – Paul’s letter to Philemon

Hebrews – exhortation to the Hebrew (Jewish) people

James – a man active in the church

1 & 2 Peter – one of Christ’s disciples

1 & 2 & 3 John – one of Christ’s disciples

Jude – a man active

the among the believers

Revelation – Christ revealing the future to John


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