Snow Day. Kid Love.

woman and child playing in snow
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(I wrote this on Monday when kids had a snow day – not today when kids are having a too-cold day – all that to say, I’m not suggesting you go out and have a snowball fight this morning!)

Do your kids know how much you love them … even on a snow day?

Most parents (there are exceptions) would say YES!

But I was just thinking …

Last Sunday night while we were tucked all snug in our beds, the Midwest was iced with snow. That combined with the below-freezing temps we’ve had lately, has resulted in a plethora of snow days around the Great Lakes.

As I opened Facebook Monday morning, I saw a status from a friend, a young mom.  Her concern? That so many of her fellow moms were posting on Facebook that they had to get “liquored up” because their kids would be home from school all day.

What are we conveying to our kids? “You’re a nuisance. You’re annoying. You’re driving me to drink.”

Listen to this verse from the Psalmist: Psalm 127:3 – Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Our children are our reward: to be treasured, to be honored, to be loved.

Like most everything in life, we have a choice. (Though this choice shouldn’t be THAT hard.)

We can look at our children as a burden and dread the 24/7 reality when we have to get “liquored up” to handle being stuck with them.

We can spend the day yelling at them. We can spend the day relegating them to their screens while we sit on the couch, looking at our own screens, complaining about them being in front of their screens. We can spend the day feeling miserable because with the kids home, we couldn’t get to the gym or go shopping or get to work.

Or, we can look at them as a heritage from God, a reward, a responsibility to train them up in the way they should go.

I could delve a lot further into the subject of parents loving their children. I could discuss New York state’s recent decision (the state where I was born), or the plethora of news stories about boyfriends/husbands shooting or drowning or stabbing their girlfriend’s/ex wife’s children. (Or the women who have done something similar.) Or I could research the endless threads on social media about moms complaining about being stuck with their kids rather than having the opportunity to do something “fulfilling.” (Wait a minute! What’s more fulfilling than influencing young lives to become independent adults, to grow into kind, caring adults, toward embracing a biblical worldview?)

But I’m not going down the trail of ongoing deep-seated resentment about life, rather I’m sticking to …

… one snow day.

So let’s break out the snow shovels, find the sleds, get out the snow shoes, build a snow fort, make some snow angels, have a snowball fight, blow some bubbles (and watch them freeze )… and if we live somewhere with clean snow, enjoy some snow cream covered in maple syrup. Or we can take a walk through the neighborhood, giving friendly greetings to those shoveling their walks and simply appreciate the wonders of the neighborhood covered in white fluff.

Or, if it’s too cold  (like today) – we can get out the hot chocolate and marshmallows, make some cookies, play some games, choose and memorize a verse of the day, watch old home movies, get out the fingerpaints,  FaceTime Grandma  … tell jokes.

What do snowmen eat for breakfast? (Snowflakes)

We can talk with each other. We can laugh together. We can give our kids a few extra hugs.

Think about it.

Do your kids know how much you love them … even on a snow day?



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