Service Project – Fleece Blankets

IMG_1579 2.jpegBefore Christmas I suggested tie-blankets (fleece) as a service project, but did not show any instructions. NOW I have some ( instructions that is)! This can be something older children can make by themselves or a group of kids (in ministry) can do as a joint project.

This past Friday I went to a women’s event (with many younger girls present) at Chapelstreet Church in Geneva, Illinois. After listening to some great speakers, we all made fleece tie-blankets for a senior citizen center. Chapelstreet was kind enough to allow me to make a copy of their instructions …  You can follow their directions to make a blanket with your own children or your ministry children.

The first step is choosing two same-sized pieces of fleece that match and laying them one on top of the other, smoothing them out so they the edges meet. (Cut off any rough edges.) Then follow the instructions below.

Notice that they simplify the knot tying!

Have fun. Reach out to someone in your community with a warm, cozy blanket.



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