Out-of-the-Box Bible Reading Plan

bible book child christianity
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Put “children’s Bible-reading plan” in Google and you’ll come up with a lengthy list. I haven’t had time to explore the list, I’m sure most of them are good – after all, you can’t go wrong reading God’s Word with your kids.

Most of the plans go chapter-by-chapter. Some alternate between Old and New Testament and I know at least a few include a Psalm along with the day’s reading.

I have read through the Bible in a similar way several times, but a few years ago I took an entirely different approach.

Larry Fowler, a man I worked with at Awana, challenged us to read 1000 chapters during the year. I don’t know exactly what Larry had in mind. All together the Bible has 1,189 chapters – so doing chapter-by-chapter, I would’ve gotten through the Old Testament and into the New.

But I didn’t do it that way. Because the challenge was to read 1,000 chapters, I reread the same chapters over and over. Each reading I looked for something new that I hadn’t picked up on the previous readings. For instance, I read Philemon about 15 times, each time focusing on a different character: Philemon, Onesimus, the Apostle Paul or a different aspect of the book.

Think how much fun you could have with your kids.

You can challenge them in different ways.

  1. Overview of the chapter.
  2. People mentioned in the chapter.
  3. Words used more than once.
  4. Phrases to remember.
  5. Chosen verse to read.

Here are some suggestions of chapters to read multiple times with your children.

1. Genesis 1

2. Psalm 148

3.  Proverbs 17

4.  Matthew 27-28

5.  Philemon (a book often neglected)

You might enjoy this different approach to Bible reading. Just a suggestion to do something out-of-the-box this year.

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