Mary’s Ponderings

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Thanks to Deb del Villar for writing today’s post … some challenging thoughts … about Mary’s thoughts.  Have you talked to your kids about what Mary pondered in her heart?  Look for opportunities to go  beyond the surface of Luke 2 when teaching kids.

But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.

Mary treasured up all these things. What were ‘these things’ she was pondering? Mary was holding dear what the shepherds had just shared with her. An angel had come to the shepherds while they were guarding their sheep, telling them good news of great joy that would be for all people. What was the good news that was for everyone? Today in the City of David a SAVIOR, who is Christ the Lord has been born. It brought great joy as they had been waiting since the beginning of time (or should I say Creation and the Fall) for this very day. And now it was here!

That one angel was joined by a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased.

When the angels left, the shepherds could not contain their excitement. They had to see this thing that the Lord had made known to them.  Upon their arrival they could not wait to share with Mary and Joseph what the angels had told them. These things are what Mary kept carefully and closely in her heart, replaying the words again and again. Ever had something wonderful happen and you kept reliving that moment again and again? This is a glimpse of what Mary was doing.

Mary weighed and thought carefully about what those statements meant to her and probably for others as well. She had just given birth to the SAVIOR of the world – the long awaited Messiah! If you are a mother, think back to the time you were pregnant or waiting for an adoption plan to come through. (Share some of your own thoughts with your child.) If you are like me, you did a lot of wondering and pondering what the child would be like. Would he be all right? Who would she look like? What would his personality be? Even more, there were times when I wondered what kind of Mom I would be  – I so wanted to be a good Mom.

Fast forward to the birth when they placed that little wiggly screaming baby in your arms for the first time – all the emotions come crashing down at once. Now think about Mary – she has all of that plus she is holding the SON OF GOD! As she tries to wrap her arms and mind around that – in come total strangers to announce angels have appeared and told them the SAVIOR has come. They leave praising and glorifying God.  Mary is left sitting and maybe thinking THIS is really happening, “Immanuel” is with us.

This Christmas season, spend time reflecting on the significance of what the shepherds said. Allow yourself time to wonder and your thoughts time to wander – what does this miraculous event – this long awaited promise coming true – mean to you. What is its significance in your life?  Mary continued to treasure and ponder these things in her mind, trying to understand it. May we do the same and may we teach our children to do likewise.

Simple sentence packed with a complex message.

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